No resolutions needed

Mr. Lyczak is a teacher at Perkiomen Valley High School, teaching multiple types of English including AP Literature. He has worked at PV for a number of years and is an inspiring mentor for many students. 

“I haven’t made a new year’s resolution in quite a number of years. My rationale for this is that every day I try to be reflective and contemplative and try to make good on any of the mistakes I have made in the past, both in my work craft and at home. From my perspective, I am trying to work every day to realize the best version of myself. I think as I get older I see it as one of my primary purposes on Earth – to learn from my mistakes and improve in any way I can. I feel if I am engaged in this process daily, I don’t necessarily need to declare this at the beginning of the year because it’s ongoing. In certain ways I think making a resolution gives you an out, because it is the only thing focused on and you are directing all your energy into one objective. I guess it gives people a defined purpose for a specific thing, but I don’t feel that it’s necessarily true for me. However, it could also be problematic because it can be limiting in a number of ways like with your objectives and personal growth. I think with the new year comes the potential for hope, evolution, and change – people like the idea that you don’t necessarily have to be the person you were in the past. I am a supporter of that, and I believe that we are dynamic and totally capable of change. Any future transformations in an individual is good – I think if it is well intended and positive, people should go right ahead. My belief is that as human individuals, there is always room for improvement and it’s important that we believe in that. As a teacher that’s especially important because if I didn’t believe in people’s potential for change and improvement, why would I come to work every day?”