January Cabaret successful finale for seniors

The revered Music Department Cabaret took place this January. With string lights and dim lighting acting as a warm contrast to the usually loud and brightly lit room, the third annual Cabaret began. Tickets were sold for $10 at the door to raise funds for the music department.  

The Cabaret provided students with the opportunity for solo performances. Rehearsals took place prior to the event, with the choir officers primarily directing these sessions.  

The students sang a variety of songs across many genres, ranging from more traditional pieces like “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra and “Everybody Loves Somebody” by Dean Martin, to more unusual genres like “Make Believe” by metalcore band Memphis May Fire.

The seniors in the choir ended with a senior song of “Nothing Without You” from the musical The Theory of Relativity. As the culmination of years of experience, the final piece provided a satisfying conclusion to the night.

“We celebrate our seniors, who will be graduating in a few months,” said senior Sam Decker, a member of the choir.

Many among the audience were excited to see their friends and family perform. 

“It was awesome,” junior Nathan Kulp said. “So many songs I love and so many songs I got to hear for the first time and immediately loved them. Emilia Hall, Sam Decker, The Perfect Fifths, and Brayden Avery were some of my favorite acts.”

Students in the choir were also satisfied with their performances. 

“I feel very grateful that I am part of such a talented group of individuals,” senior Mason Whiteside said. “I do believe that the Cabaret was a complete success and I hope it runs for years to come.”