Humans of Perk Valley

“VHS is an online platform that I take now and it allows you to take a wide array of classes completely online. It is taught by an accredited teacher and you are usually with less than ten other students. This year I’m taking AP US History because I wasn’t able to fit our high school course in my schedule. It’s an interesting class as it is not a zoom class and I don’t ever see my teacher or classmates unless I attend office hours. The cycle runs from Wednesday morning and you would get 8-12 assignments and they would all be due the next Tuesday. Specifically for AP US History, I have discussions usually due Friday and smaller group projects where I collaborate with classmates to outline or write an essay. VHS really does give me a lot more practice with the knowledge gained and since it goes more in depth than classes I’ve taken at the high school, I learn more. However, it is a lot of work –  I’ve never had this much work in my life before. It is hard to manage since I’m taking other rigorous classes, trying to participate in extracurriculars, while also maintaining a social life. We also have class over regular high school breaks, and even when my teacher gave us a bit of an extension, I still had to do work because it would be difficult to keep up if I hadn’t. Since it is structured like a college class, it has improved my time management skills and has given me a good glimpse into what my next 4 years will be like in college. It is not structured like a high school class at all, and because of that it is more difficult. I personally wouldn’t take a VHS class again, but I would recommend it to people who are really passionate about a specific course.”

  • Isabelle Li, Grade 12