Fashion Enthusiast, Lucas Eskin, turned Fashion Designer 

Sophomore Lucas Eskin, an aspiring fashion designer, hopes to create a brand that lets people feel confident in who they are. 

“My biggest goal is to create a brand that does not follow trends but instead lets me show my creativity and what I enjoy,” Eskin said. “I want people to be able to relate to my clothes and let them feel joy.”

Eskin has had many experiences influencing his decision to become a fashion designer, but a major one was the show Project Runway

“When I was younger, I remember going downstairs to see my mother watching Project Runway. I was very interested in seeing all the different outfits and how they would design them,” Eskin said.

 From a young age, Eskin experimented with different clothing items, styles, and designs that were bright and outgoing. Through his advertising design program at North Montco Technical School, Eskin honed his craft. Last year, he launched his own business, L.E. Skin, where he produces, sells, and markets his own designs. He advertises his business through close friends and family. To efficiently run his business, he has employed older friends to help him with his scheduling and reading through emails. 

Eskin aspires to attend The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York to earn a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design. He has already started talking to professors at FIT and is working towards earning internships and other networking opportunities. Eskin’s art is published on his Instagram account, @eskinlucas_, where he continues to build a portfolio worthy of a career in design.

“I will always continue to believe in myself and my art,” Eskin said.