Humans of PV 

“French Club is a club for people who enjoy French food and culture. I really love France and I have a personal connection with it that I wanted to share with people. I learned how to speak French to conversational fluency and I have worked hard throughout all three years of high school up until now. I think that creating a French club is a reflection of that – all the effort I put in and the passion I have for it. I hope to inspire people to have that same level of passion since it will lead to a lot more connection and learning in our community. I think that the best way to learn a language is not rigidly in a class, but instead through ways people enjoy like conversation and films. I think language learning in high school shouldn’t be striving for fluency, but something to enjoy since people learn better like that. However, the club is just something fun for everyone to join – you get an A for showing up. It’s not a huge commitment and I think people are able to have fun with all the stress of school. If anyone is interested in joining they can reach out to me (Freddy Gruber) and I’ll let you know the details.”