Fall Play, SNAPs Performed in the newly renovated High School Auditorium 

Perkiomen Valley High School is gearing up for the lights to dim in the newly renovated auditorium, being christened by the fall play, SNAPs, Scenes Not A Play. 

“We haven’t used this venue, so when we talked about what to do this year, we weren’t sure how much of this was going to be finished.” Fall Play Director Ms. Eskin said. “Being able to be flexible was really important. We would be able to do this show anywhere. It was really about flexibility and being able to meet financial needs.” 

Eskin drew inspiration for the concept from playwright John O’Hara, whom she has worked with in the past. O’Hara put on a show of short scenes that were all loosely connected in some way. The goal of this format is to give each student an opportunity hardly afforded, to be the center of attention during a scene. 

“The thing I like about it is they’re very fast. The fact is most actors will never be given a monologue. And to give a monologue in front of an audience is an incredible opportunity. Everyone who is involved in this production has their moment on stage.” Eskin said. “This really gives a voice to that moment. Everyone has the opportunity to sort of strut their stuff.” 

Renovations to the high school auditorium include new seating, new floors, and a newly installed sound system that gives Eskin the required materials to run a show in the formerly neglected auditorium. Though stage space is limited, actors work around it, incorporating the space into their scenes as best as they can. Though it is not certain whether or not performances like the musical will also be moved to the high school auditorium, renovations were not unnecessary. 

SNAPs will give each student a creative opportunity to perform a monologue or scene of their choosing. Anyone who wants to see their classmates’ big moment should consider attending on Friday November 3rd or Saturday November 4th and test out the seats at the renovated high school theater.