Are you tough enough for PowderPuff ?

One of the many popular Perkiomen Valley High School traditions is the annual PowderPuff game. This rowdy night pits the senior and junior class of girls against one another in a football game while the boys cheer from the stands. Though this event has been going on for many years, the new group of players and cheerleaders every year always make it entertaining for the crowd to watch.

PowderPuff is a flag football game without tackling, pushing, hitting, or aggressive play. Players who exhibit such behavior will be kicked out of the game. To be allowed to play, students must attend at least four practices – most importantly, the first or second. 

“These days, we’ll be for assigning positions and learning the basic formations,” senior coach Mr. Schumacher said. This year’s other senior coaches are Mr. Churchey, Mr. Manderachi, Mr. Petsko, and Ms. Bonamico. 

“The coaches hold the right to reassign you [to] a new position if we feel the need. If you want to be quarterback, punter or kicker, practice throwing or kicking before the first practice,” Schumacher said at the first Senior PowderPuff meeting. 

The first official PowderPuff practice was held on Wednesday, November 1st, on the baseball field after school. This practice included assigning positions and getting everyone accustomed to the game. There are a total of seven practices leading up to the big event, which will be held tomorrow, November 14th, at 7 pm. The first meeting in Mrs. Sorber’s room included a list of the rules that will be used at the game. “At this PowderPuff game, there will be four affiliated referees enforcing the rules and judging the game,” Mrs. Sorber said. 

Being able to make an appearance on the field comes with the amount of times you attend the practices. “The more you attend, the more opportunities you will have to play,” Schumacher said. Making it to most practices will get you more playing in this game as you will be more familiar with your assigned position and the inner workings of the game. “This game was so entertaining to watch and was one of my favorite PV events to attend, and watching my friends play on the field was exciting to see,” Sammy Paley said. So being able to play in powderpuff comes with more thought than you’d think.