Unified track team wins second meet of season

Nothing but big smiles filled Thomas J. Keenan Stadium during the unified track meet on Thursday, May, 4. The team finished in first place beating Springfield and Souderton to give them their 2nd win on the season. 

The team has overcome many struggles and adversity from the beginning of the season. “Our biggest struggles this season is that we are really bad at staying in our lanes and at some meets we haven’t had a lot of people be able to attend which has been a big barrier for us,” 

Even though some people are not able to attend sometimes there have been others who are stepping up. “Our seniors have been awesome and stepping up this season; Kacey Berk has been a phenomenal manager for all these years. Ryan [Tormina] has been my go-to guy for my athletes and for motivating the team.”

  The athletes have had so much fun this season and have been performing well. They’ve received amazing coaching and so much encouragement throughout the season. “The best advice that I’ve received from a coach is that the trust is in your hands,” said Scott Fulop. Everyone has been performing so well and has been showing major improvement. “I would say that javelin has been a big high for me this season,” said John Mares.

The team achieved another milestone by winning regionals on May 8th at North Penn High School.