Un amor por las mascotas: Spanish teacher initiates pet food drive

Señora Dotterer, one of the Spanish teachers at PV, has five dogs and two cats and has been an animal lover for as long as she can remember. Every first Saturday of each month, she volunteers at the Animal House Project and participates in the distribution of pet food to families in need of assistance. She advocates for the importance of volunteering, whether it be for animals or the good of humankind.

“I completely understand how it can be a little overwhelming how you might not want to get involved right away. But this is something that you can make so many good connections with, and it’s twofold really. I mean, when you volunteer- no matter where- with animals or with people- or with whatever-, you’re helping someone or something,” Señora Dotterer said. “You’re helping a community, you’re helping a person, you’re helping animals, whatever. But you’re also doing so much good for yourself.” 

With her passion for helping out animals in need, Señora Dotterer organized a pet food drive at PV around November 2022, ending on Feb. 28, 2023. During this drive, students could partake in and donate food to help animals in need. 

“I think this initiative is great, and I’m grateful to Señora Dotterer for connecting our school with an outside organization to help animals in need. If we all collectively donate just a few items, we, as an entire school, can make a significant impact,” said junior Claudia Caruso, a student interested in volunteering and donating.

Overall, the pet food drive collected around seven large bags of food donations for cats and dogs, three of which were dry food. 

Although the donation time has ended, pet food is still welcome in Señora Dotterer’s room, and she would be more than happy to take them to the Animal House Project.

“You are just making yourself such a better person. It’s indescribable- the feeling that you have afterwards. You have a light inside. So if people want to volunteer, oh my gosh, do it. There are so many organizations that need help,” Señora Dotterer said. “And [Animal House Project is] definitely one of them because we could always use it. No matter where you want to volunteer, just sign up, grab a buddy and go.”