Review: “The Bluff” by Emma St. Clair

“The Bluff” by Emma St. Clair is a hilarious and sweet story filled with twists and turns at every corner. The book is about a beer brewer named James and an unemployed, sassy, woman named Winnie. James, who is not known to be the nicest person, is trying to open up his own brewery in a small town called Sheet Cake, Texas while avoiding Winnie at all costs. Winnie, a town local, is trying to learn all about James and what she can do to get under his skin. She starts to work with him to fix up the warehouse. While recently breaking up with her boyfriend, she has to navigate her way around her new boss’s mood swings while trying her best not to get attached.
Soon, they both realize that they have quite a bit in common and that their feelings are bigger than they had ever thought. Now they have to figure out how to go forward with their relationship while also dealing with the problems of the past.