How GenZ is owning their future

Professionals are saying that the future is heading toward pollution. From poisoned air to rising sea levels, stress about the environment remains high. Though this crisis is devastating and expensive to consider preventing, there are still individuals who will put the environment first when stepping foot into the world of business and economics. 

On March 1, Dr. Costelo and his Macroeconomics class made their 20% proposals on their ideas for new innovative products. ‘’20% was responsible for making Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Classroom,” Costello said.

The first group to propose an environmentally safe product proposed the idea of Electronic Transportation. This product is designed to capture noise pollution and convert it into vibration energy. Just like solar power, Electronic Transportation is a clean and sustainable source of energy. The way this product will perform at the best of its ability is near areas of transportation such as airports, subways, and highways. All of these areas produce large amounts of noise pollution which makes the product much more sustainable. 

The second product that is worth noting is the Helio-Heat which is a solar-powered jacket for those who work in cold environments. The jacket has wired coils running through it to allow the wearer to be cozy. The product is clean and environmentally friendly because it uses solar energy instead of lithium batteries.

Another group shared their product called Nurture. Nurture is a self-watering pot to make gardening easier. This is great for our environment because it gives people the chance to make this world greener with little effort. This product comes with an app that will allow the user to see their plant’s vital statistics and notify them if the plants need a refill of water. 

The last product to be shared had a purpose to help the world. This product is called the Fresh Fridge and its function is to notify the user when their food is about to expire. What makes this product so unique is that it has its own way to produce compost with old food. This is great for the environment because it reduces waste, greenhouse gasses, and harmful bacteria for users. 

The class shared ideas that will make this world a better place. This is especially certain when the environment is at stake.   ‘’The future has a chance.’’ Mr. Tornambe, one of the attendees, said.