Seniors win spring rally in the valley

The first-ever Perkiomen Valley High School spring pep rally took place on Thursday, April 7, to honor the spring athletes and club members. Freshmen in brown, sophomores in orange, juniors in white, and seniors in black all filled the competition gym with roaring cheers for their classmates.

The pep rally started with a parade of spring athletes, each team taking its turn to be cheered on by the students.

 “You could feel the encouraging energy in the gym,” said Chris Gorla, a junior on the high school’s varsity baseball team. “It felt good to be recognized the same way that fall sports do,” Gorla said. This spring pep rally has never been held before, and this year Mr. Felty, Mrs. Brecht, and the rest of the PV Athletics for Equity team organized the rally in an effort to make Perkiomen Valley High School a more inclusive environment.

Following the athlete and club member recognitions were the competitive games. The rivalry between each grade level was strong, with chants being relayed between each game. Some of the games included musical chairs, a tennis ball relay race, and a lacrosse challenge. 

“The musical chairs were interesting. One of the principals had to break them up. Maybe they were on the wrestling team.” Sarah Quinn, a junior, said.

These competitions had never been seen at a Perkiomen Valley High School pep rally before, adding an element of surprise to the students in the stands as well as participants in the games.

As the pep rally finished, Mr. Kuhn announced that the seniors had won, with the juniors coming in second place. The gym erupted in cheers. 

The seniors won the fall pep rally, the powderpuff game, and the spring pep rally all in one year. 

This spring pep rally was groundbreaking for Perkiomen Valley High School as spring athletes were able to be honored, students involved in clubs were recognized, and new, innovative games were introduced for the students to take a break from work and cheer on their peers.