Feeling alone, like you can’t lean on anyone, or like no one will understand or help you? Those horrible emotions are ones that everyone may feel at one time or another. The most important thing to remember is while it may feel like that, no one is ever truly alone. Illustration: Natalie Wuelfing

Taking steps to getting better

Eating disorders are an extremely difficult topic for many people, here is how you can start to get help and seek life again.The first thing you need to do, which can also be seen as the hardest, is identifying that you have a problem and reaching out for help. You need to really dive into your mind and find the problem. Eating disorders can be caused by many things other than actual food, like anxiety and self-hate. It is best to reach out to those around you for help, but keep in mind that they might not understand it right away. Be persistent in letting them know that you are being serious and let them know what exactly you want from them. Whether you want them to help find a professional that can help you or for them to check on you regularly. Try to make a plan to help, but do not think you can solve it all at once. Go to counseling regularly and slowly try to piece things back together.

As you are trying to get help there are other little things you can do in daily life to get better. A simple thing to do is just spending time with friends and, or, family. Having people around you can sometimes help a lot. Whether it is going out or staying in it is good to have someone there, they do not have to know about what is going on, it is good to just get your mind off of it.

If that option does not work for you, going on small walks on the regular can sometimes help. Not only do you get fresh air but also get to see the nature around you. It can help clear your mind and give you time to think. If you do not want to think, listening to music is a good activity. It helps to calm you down and not worry. 

You want to focus on not relapsing, but if you do, don’t be too hard on yourself. It is a process and it is okay to not always succeed at first. Surround yourself with supportive people so if you do relapse you have a shoulder to lean on.

You want to stay off the scale, body checking does not help with your process. Don’t pinch your sides or check for fat. As long as you are healthy, do not worry about anything else. Try to start appreciating your own body. Dress for yourself, wear things that make you happy and comfortable.

You can go get a massage, get your nails done, or just buy a perfume you like. Anything to get you to feel better in your own skin. See your body as a friend, instead of an enemy. It is okay if you can’t seem to accept your body, try to focus on body neutrality. You are going to be worrying about it, but try to keep the mindset that your body is the least important thing about you.

One thing that can help once you start eating is to not focus on your diet and learn about intuitive eating.  Intuitive eating means eating what you want when your mind tells you to. Once you start seeing this improvement do not stop going to therapy. It is good that you are getting better but that does not mean the negative thoughts will go away.

Challenge your thoughts and in turn, work toward a healthy relationship with yourself.