PV Instagram Accounts: Flop or Not?

The Trend and Sudden Death of PV Instagram Accounts

In early November of 2021, PVHS students saw a rising trend of themed Instagram accounts popping up on their feeds. These accounts “sniped” photos of students in various circumstances, most of them embarrassing or comedic, and posted them to their page.

The accounts were run anonymously, with submissions being DM’d (directly messaged) to the owners by fellow classmates. Examples of the themed Instagram accounts were @pv_bad_cuts, which poked fun at haircuts in the valley, @pvshoereview, an account reviewing students’ shoes, and a bad parking page that became @barstoolpvhs. This trend not only became popular at Perk Valley, but was widespread across the nation for a few weeks. However, as quickly as the trend arose, it died. 

The runner of one of these accounts, @pvhs_trafficones, attested the sudden decrease of posting to the growing workload and after winter break. 

“After winter break, everything kind of picked up and I honestly forgot about my account,” the owner said. While it’s unsure if this is the case for all PV Instagram accounts, there certainly has been a decreasing rate of activity in recent weeks. 

These Instagram pages gained the attention of many, with students enjoying the community and comedic aspect to them, and how interactive and creative they were. 

“Even though there’s not a lot of attention brought to them anymore, it was fun to have them exist. It made me feel like I was a part of a big inside joke, and it always gave me a laugh,” said student and avid Instagram user, Jane Fisher. 

While it is unsure if the trend will resurface, the Instagram accounts were intended to bring a little bit of fun to everyone’s day, especially while still living through the pandemic.