Girl Scouts: Community weighs in on favorites

Girl Scout cookie season is many people’s favorite thing to look forward to after the holidays. People get very excited for this time of the year since they can only get these amazing cookies for a limited amount of time. 

Girl Scouts collectively sell about 200 million boxes of cookies a year. The season lasts for about 6 to 8 weeks, usually from January through April, and is about $4 – $7 for a box. The most popular selling Girl Scout cookies are thin mints. 

“One of our highest selling cookies is thin mints, and my personal favorites would have to be lemonades,” Girl Scout, Courtney Conard said.

Girl Scouts started selling cookies in 1917. They started with three different types of cookies. These were sandwich, shortbread, and chocolate mints, which are now known as thin mints. When these cookies started out,  they were homemade. They are now currently made by ABC Bakers in Richmond, Virginia, and Little Brownie Bakers in Louisville, Kentucky. Throughout the history of Girl Scout cookies, this season can always be an exciting time of the year for Girl Scouts. Some Girl Scouts get very excited to sell the cookies.

“I know I look forward to selling them every year! I’m the only one in my troop but I have noticed the younger girls get more and more excited every year!” Conard said.

You can find Girl Scout cookies being sold all around you during the season. Selling these cookies can become very competitive for Girl Scouts. Last year an 8-year-old, Lily Bumpus set a national record for selling 32,000 boxes of cookies in one season. 

“Most people turn it into a competition and I know I do ever since I was the 3rd highest cookie seller in 2019,” Conard said.

If you are looking to buy some Girl Scout cookies there are many students at PV who are selling them. You can also go on the Girl Scout website and type your zip code into the cookie finder. This will give you locations and dates for Girl Scout cookie booths in your area.