Goodbye pajamas: Students enjoy dressing for school again

With the seasons changing, so does the fashion at PV.  Ranging from claw clips and converse to fun winter clothing and colors, fashion trends are becoming more prevalent. 

Back in person, students can express themselves with their fashion. Denise Hurd finds that fashion is a way for students to get to know each other. 

“Clothes can be conversation starters that connect you with people who share your interests,” Hurd said.

Students can use clothes as a way to show their personality and dress up more now that school is up and running in person.  Seeing a person in cute clothes and giving them a simple compliment can spark a conversation that might make you a new close friend.  Wearing shirts with favorite bands, sports teams, or even promoting activities can show what you enjoy; you broadcast to all potential friends what type of stuff you might have in common. 

“Now that school is back in person, people have more motivation to dress nice, and have a reason to,” says Faith Palubinski.  

It gives everyone a reason to try a little harder, and when they are dressed nicely they’ll go into the day with a positive attitude, and receiving little compliments will keep their energy up throughout the day.  Dressing nicely for school can be something to look forward to and a way to feel confident. 

Kaylie has some staples in her wardrobe consisting of some of the trending brands.

“I personally enjoy the clothes at Aerie. They have great staple pieces that I think everyone should have in their wardrobe. They make me feel comfortable and I think everyone should feel comfortable in their wardrobe.”

She also adds, “As the seasons change, I have seen the fashion change into warm clothes such as crewnecks, sweaters, flare pants, sweatpants, and so much more.”