Photo: Sarah Strausberg

Vikings grind out big win vs. Spring-Ford

A game two years in the making. A rivalry older than time. Players itching to compete. Fans rowdy as ever. The scene was set on September 24 as Perkiomen Valley took on Spring-Ford in a rivalry match at Thomas J. Keenan Stadium. The night kicked off with the Vikings honoring former running back and linebacker Grant Wiley, with the retirement of his number 22.

The last rivalry game took place at Spring-Ford under COVID-19 restrictions, so fans and spectators were limited. However this time around, students from Perkiomen Valley and Spring-Ford alike showed up in huge numbers. “In the Valley we have the rowdiest, craziest, loudest, most exciting fans in the state of Pennsylvania.  They are dedicated and truly love the school and are willing to lose their voices for it,” said student-section leader Harry Rodriguez.

The game began with the Rams in possession. After back and forth possessions with no scoring, Ethan Koehler found senior Dawson Debebe for a touchdown. Neither team found the end zone again until late in the 2nd quarter when junior Ryan Klimenk rushed for a touchdown. “It’s one of the best feelings turning around and seeing all of my teammates run up to me and say good job and seeing the fans all cheering,” Klimenk said.

The Vikings went into halftime with a comfortable 14-0 lead. The Rams entered the second half strong with an early 50-yard touchdown run by senior Harry Adieyefeh Jr. After a muffed extra point attempt, the score settled at 14-6 with the Vikings on top. 

Early in the third corner, Spring-Ford and senior quarterback Ryan Freed marched down the field and Adieyefeh rushed for another touchdown. The Rams then converted on a two-point conversion tying the game at 14. The Vikings came right back moving the ball downfield. They stood at the 1-yard line and decided to look to their run game again. Ryan Klimenk took advantage of Spring-Ford’s tight defense and broke free to the outside for a touchdown. The Vikings took the lead 21-14. The Rams then tried to make a push but were halted by the Perkiomen Valley defense

With 2:40 left in the game, the Vikings again found themselves on the 1-yard line on fourth down. In a risky move, they decided to go for it. Ethan Koehler rushed for a touchdown putting the Vikings up 28-14. “Going into the game I was just going to treat this game like any other Friday where my job stays the same and the goal is to execute,” Koehler said. 

The Rams stormed back down the field refusing to go down without a fight. Freshman quarterback Matt Zollers found Peyton West in the end zone for a touchdown. Spring-Ford’s last hope was an onside kick.

The kicker booted the ball towards Perkiomen Valley in hope of a muffed reception, but to no avail. Perkiomen Valley received the ball, put a knee down and the clock expired. 

A sea of orange stormed the field as the student section left the bleachers and met the players on the turf. When asked about how seriously the school takes football, Harry Rodriguez only had one thing to say, “Walking into Death Valley is scary for any team”.