Freshmen Engage in Class Officer Race

Freshmen elections are just around the corner and it’s an exciting new time for the class of 2025. For the start of their time in high school, nine candidates have come and will be vying for class officer positions that will be held for the rest of the school year. 

Each student that decides to run must first submit a form to show their interest in campaigning. After the initial selection, each student writes a short speech on why they want their fellow classmates to vote for them. The write-ups are then reviewed by Mrs. George and the candidates are requested to video record their speech. There are four officer positions: president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Each officer will work together to solve any issues that affect the class of 2025. 

Modeled after the United States government, the officers will carry out their roles like our elected leaders do federally. As the name suggests the president commences meetings and can appoint special committees. Currently, there are 3 candidates standing for this position: Quinn Boettinger, Grace Miley, and JP Zangara. 

JP Zangara, a running candidate for the president position comments, “Let’s work together to make our freshman year the best it could possibly be. For a better PV vote JP.”  

Grace Miley, another presidential candidate remarks, “I believe the 2025 class has the opportunity to be the best class in PV history.  All the candidates for the role of president are great students – this should be a very tight race!”

The vice president will take over all the responsibilities in the absence of the president and the treasurer is in charge of maintaining finances. Standing for vice president are Anothony Rodriguez and Ethan Blattner. For treasurer, we have Andrew Keenan and Nadia Yackanicz, respectively. 

Anthony Rodriguez, a nominee for VP, says, “ I hope this election will help bring our class together as one and make our 4 years the best we can make it!” The other candidate for vice president, Ethan Blattner, says, “The elections are an exciting thing to see and participate in, but after the election is over the class of 2025 will end up having a great group of people representing them throughout their time in high school.”

Andrew Keenan, a contender for the role of treasurer, said, “I feel like embodying the student body is what it’s all about. Giving a voice to the class of 2025 is one of the main reasons I’m running.” 

Finally, the secretary accurately records all of the executive meetings and completes any additional duties. Running for secretary there are two candidates, Rayna Burke and Claire Ousey. 

Claire Ousey, a candidate for the secretary, said, “Are you questioning who to vote for class secretary? Don’t stress and vote for the best, vote Claire Ousey for secretary.”

Freshmen can vote before 2:15 today at