Relationships, rakes and rips

From coast to coast, the girls lacrosse team always gives their all. The team hosts talent in every position, but three notable athletes are Sydney McMonagle (senior midfielder), Leah Pfeiffer (senior attacker) and Holli Nuss (junior attacker). McMonagle and Pfeiffer have been playing since elementary school, while Nuss had a stick in her hand before she could walk. Despite the varying experiences, each player shares the same devotion to the team. 

“You make so many relationships and meet so many awesome and great people through the sport and I wouldn’t exchange that for the world,” Pfeiffer said. 

The team strives for improvement and skill, which is made possible by the support system the girls build for each other. 

“I love how much you get to achieve with your friends and it’s more fun when you are doing it with people you love,” McMonagle said.

 While the sport may be demanding, the girls have worked hard to keep a healthy equilibrium.

“The most difficult thing is definitely mentally preparing yourself for any and every situation that the sport or life can throw at you because you have to have a good balance between school, work, at home, your social life, and also lacrosse.” 

However, the girls are no strangers to fun. With traditions like decorating senior players’ cars to the pregame cotton-eye joe ritual, memories and relationships are formed.

 “In the locker room before games we always blast music and dance,” Nuss said.

 However, when the time comes to be serious, the team locks in. With practices two to three hours every day, except game days, and the previous out of season practices, the team diligently worked hard to get to the level they are at today. All this effort paid off in a strong community present on and off the field. 

“We are a super close-knit team. I could go to any girl on my team with any problem that I am having and know that they would have my back and do anything for me, ” Pfeiffer said. 

McMonagle and Pfeiffer each plan to continue their positive lacrosse journeys beyond high school. McMonagle is committed to playing D3 lacrosse at Clark University at Worcester, MA, and Pfeiffer D1 at Canisius Buffalo University, NY.  While their days of PV lacrosse come to an end, the memories they made will forever remain. As a junior, Nuss can continue to forge more friendships and hone her skills.

 “It’s a super fun way to make friends for a lifetime and you get to just be active, ” Pfeiffer said.  “It’s just the best sport ever.”