PVHS’s EmpoweringU dives into bullet journaling

On February 27th, PVHS’s EmpoweringU, a student-led group dedicated to the empowerment and growth of young women, hosted a meeting that spotlighted bullet journaling, with Kailie Jordan, a PVHS senior and an enthusiast of the craft, leading the charge. The session was not just a lesson in organization and creativity but also a testament to the club’s mission of fostering personal and professional development among its members.

At the meeting, members were introduced to the world of bullet journaling, a method that goes beyond mere note-taking to encompass a personalized approach to tracking the past, organizing the present and planning for the future. Jordan’s demonstration of her bullet journaling journey offered an example of how such a simple practice can lead to significant improvements in mental health and productivity.

“Bullet journaling can be a gateway to understanding oneself better, organizing one’s thoughts and tasks, and ultimately, fostering a sense of achievement and well-being,” Taylor Johnson, the club’s co-president, said.

The diverse group of attendees, ranging from beginners to seasoned journalers, found the meeting to be a source of inspiration.

“My favorite part of today’s meeting was seeing all the creative things Kailie has done with bullet journaling. It’s truly inspiring,” senior Faith Palubinski said.

The shared enthusiasm for bullet journaling was evident among the members, sparking a wave of motivation to incorporate this practice into their everyday routine.

“I definitely am inspired to start bullet journaling. I like how I can use it to organize my schedule and reflect on the day,” junior Emily Rieffer said.

After the meeting, the members experienced bullet journaling hands on by creating their own journals that catered to their unique lifestyles and goals.

“Seeing everyone being creative and making their own bullet journal pages was heartwarming. I hope they are inspired to continue to keep bullet journaling,” Jordan said.

Looking ahead, EmpoweringU is setting its sights on expanding its impact through more interactive workshops and meaningful community service projects. The next meeting in March will mark a pivotal moment for the club, as it opens up applications for new officers, setting the stage for its future endeavors. An official announcement regarding the officer applications is scheduled for April.

“In every meeting and project, our goal is not just to empower but to inspire action and leadership among our members,” Johnson said.