Graphic Design Depiction of Love Earns Senior Recognition at Art Show 

Senior Elizabeth Cherry, impressed judges at the Montgomery Township Community and Recreation Building’s Shifting Spaces High School Art Competition sponsored by Laurel House and Victim Services Center on Thursday, February 22nd. Cherry secured second place among four winners and earned $75 for their creation, an interpretation of the prompt, “What Is Love?” 

“I thought of my two close friends and how their love, to me, really evokes a lot of emotion,” Cherry said. “I’ve looked at them from a distance for a long time and always thought that’s what love is.”

After finding a romantic photo from one of their Instagram accounts, Cherry then mapped out the image in Adobe Illustrator and attached a quote by author Bell Hooks about relationships to tie the visual representation together.

“Love is about mixing a lot of different things together into one driving force,” Cherry said. 

At the art show, judges looked for winners based not only on a technical evaluation of the piece but also on the feelings the project evoked. Cherry’s piece perfectly encapsulated the criteria by communicating a powerful message through a physical embodiment of the theme. 

In the spring, Cherry will showcase 13 pieces from their AP Art and Graphic Design classes at the annual PV art show.

“Being able to express art the way I want and being able to showcase it to others and show how I’m feeling when I cannot articulate my words well means the world to me,” Cherry said.