Eating around the world

From the bright bazaars of Morocco to the tranquil tea gardens of the United Kingdom, Disney’s EPCOT offers a range of experiences centered around 11 different cultures. While most people will never interact with the lifestyle and cuisine of eleven different countries in their lifetime, EPCOT makes it easy to travel the world without walking more than two miles.
Speaking with cast members from all over the world, buying merchandise, and taking a spin on Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure are all great ways to spend a day at EPCOT, the food is undeniably the most unique part of the experience. As purveyors of excitement, my group was determined to eat and experience each country of the EPCOT experience. While walking around in the Florida heat on a full stomach without a break for water isn’t necessarily something I’d recommend, there were certainly highlights that you can’t miss on your next trip. 

Mexico- We started our journey in Mexico, where we ate lunch at the San Angel Inn. The interior mimicked a night in the city. Soft, instrumental music lulled us into relaxation as we enjoyed enchiladas de pollo and carne asada. All the food was rich in flavor, plated beautifully, and highly enjoyable alongside the atmosphere. It was more on the expensive side, but definitely a great stop for a nice dinner. 

Norway- One of our favorite snacks overall was the School Bread in Norway. The bakery has rotating options, but the School Bread is pretty cheap and absolutely delicious. The custard was the perfect texture, and the balance between that, the bread, and the coconut shavings on top was perfect. The sweetness wasn’t overwhelming, which made it a great grab and go option.

Germany- The German pavilion, specifically the Biergarten, is an absolute staple. And for great reason. For a cover of $49, you have access to a buffet with authentic German food ranging from pork schnitzel to sausage, the Biergarten is great for indecisive eaters. Certainly a great opportunity to try a plethora of cultural foods, without emptying your wallet. If you are looking for lighter options, Germany has a multitude of delicious snacks like the caramel gingerbread cookie sandwich and fresh caramel popcorn, all sweet and flavorful treat options. 

Japan- Japan offers a variety of sushi, slushie, and noodles. We particularly loved the shaved ice. It was great and easy to eat on the go. They did not hold back on the flavoring syrup, which was a pleasant surprise that stained our tongues a variety of colors. We ordered one of each flavor, and while the melon left a lot to be desired, the cherry flavor was delicious. 

Morocco- The star studded pavilion, definitely our favorite place to stop, Morocco offered an incredible selection of sweet and savory snacks for a very reasonable price. We tried three different cakes for $6.50, and we loved the pistachio baklava. Each of the cakes had a very intricate and colorful design that was nice to look at and to eat. There was also an incredible citrus pomegranate slushy that I have not stopped dreaming about since we arrived home.