Q&A Interview with Junior Basketball Star Quinn Boettinger

Junior Quinn Boettinger scored her 1,000th point on January 5th during a game against Owen J. Roberts. The girls defeated OJR 60-24, marking their eleventh game of the season. Boettinger is the tenth girl in PV basketball history to make this accomplishment, the second for the 2023/24 girl’s team, and the third athlete in one school year. 

What is your favorite part about playing basketball? 

Boettinger: My favorite part about basketball is the ability to win and be successful with my best friends. Playing together for years and seeing it come together in our high school years is incredible.

How did you feel after the game where you scored 1,000 points? 

Boettinger: I felt relieved because it was a goal I wanted to accomplish since freshman year and knowing that it was finally achieved felt great!

What is one goal you have in mind to accomplish in the future? 

Boettinger: I want to win a state championship this year and next. 

How long have you been playing basketball? 

Boettinger: I have been playing since I was 3 years old. 

Who is someone you look up to? 

Boettinger: I look up to Lebron because he always has that winning spirit. 

What is one piece of advice you have for aspiring athletes? 

Boettinger: Keep believing in yourself and working hard to be your best.

How do you motivate yourself or get yourself in the right mindset before a game? 

Boettinger: I enjoy listening to music with the team in the locker room while getting ready because it boosts all of our energy and gets us ready. 

Can you describe what basketball means to you? 

Boettinger: Basketball means the world to me as it is my outlet from life. It has been something I have always done and therefore cannot see myself without it. 

Can you share a favorite memory you have with basketball? 

Boettinger: Winning the ICBA championships in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade and seeing our team slideshows after the season was over. 

What has been your favorite memory specifically from high school?

Boettinger: My favorite memory is winning the District One Championship last year at Temple.