Q & A with Senior Basketball Star Julian Sadler

On Tuesday, December 19th, in a game against Boyertown, senior Julian Sadler, #13, scored his 1,000th point as a player on the high school team. That night, PV took home the win with a final score of 64 to 49. Sadler’s love for the game has allowed him to pursue the sport as he finishes his high school career and transitions to the college level next year. Sports editor, Samantha Rehling, sat down with Sadler to discuss his recent milestone and basketball career.

Question: What is your favorite part about playing basketball? 

Sadler: I would say my favorite part about playing basketball is the relationships I’ve been able to create with people. The relationships I have built with My school teammates, AAU teammates, high school and AAU coaches, and trainers is really something I appreciate and enjoy. 

Question: How did you feel after the game where you scored 1,000 points? 

Sadler: It felt pretty surreal. It didn’t hit me when I scored the point in the game but as the night went on I started to really take in what I had accomplished. Overall, a really special moment. 

Question: What is one goal you have in mind to accomplish in the future?

Sadler: I want to win the Pac championship with my team.

Question: How long have you been playing basketball? 

Sadler: I have played basketball since I was 5 years old. 

Question: Who is someone you look up to? 

Sadler: Somebody I really look up to from a basketball standpoint is my brother. My brother is somebody I have played and worked out with my whole life. He’s been able to teach me a lot of great things. 

Question: What is one piece of advice you have for aspiring athletes? 

Sadler: A great piece of advice for aspiring athletes is to trust your work. Put in more work than everybody else even when nobody’s watching. If you work hard in the gym on your game then it will never fail you. 

Question: How do you motivate yourself or get yourself in the right mindset before a game?

Sadler: I usually get myself in the right state of mind by listening to music. I listen to a lot of Young Thug and Lil Durk before games.

Question: Can you describe what basketball means to you? 

Sadler: Basketball is a tradition to me. I obviously love playing but I come from a very athletic family where a lot of my relatives played basketball at a high level so I was kind of born into basketball. I found my love for it really early since I was around it so much. 

Question: Can you share a favorite memory you have with basketball? (could be childhood too, does not have to be from high school) 

Sadler: My favorite basketball memory from my life was when my old team Mt. Airy won a league championship during my 10U year. It was a super fun group to play with and we were really good.

Question: What has been your favorite memory specifically from high school? 

Sadler: My favorite high school basketball memory was our win against Cardinal O’hara this year. The team played super well and we got a great win against a tough Philadelphia catholic league team.