Take me to Utopia

As fans waited outside the Wells Fargo Center to see Houston-born rapper Travis Scott, they were struck with a torrential downpour. Snaking around the venue, the eager fans’ anticipated smiles and enthusiastic conversations quickly turned to discontented faces and hour-long shuffling to find shelter under umbrellas. 

Though shivering in the cold rain was far from ideal, it was long forgotten the second I stepped inside. As I walked through the doors, the building flooded with people rushing to their seats or waiting in long lines for merchandise. Anxious to get a good spot, I hurried straight to the floor of the venue. 

With wide eyes, I stood agaze, taking in the impressive stage setup and the massive crowds in every direction. My friend knew the perfect place to be for when Travis came out; we were so close to the stage that I could practically jump right on it. Talking to the people around us, my friend and I gained valuable insight about surviving the mob and having a good time.

For the opening act, fans were greeted first by Teezo Touchdown, another Texas-born rapper. Once Touchdown’s performance concluded, there was still an hour before Travis came out. I passed the time by chatting with fellow fans, trying my best to ignore the soggy clothes sticking to my body.  

As soon as the lights went down and “Greetings from Utopia” played over the speakers, the whole stadium erupted into screams. What began as an impatient crowd transformed into a synchronous sea of bodies jumping and singing. 

At this moment, I realized I had finally achieved what I had vowed to do back in middle school: I not only made it to a Travis Scott concert but was on the floor, only feet away from Travis Scott himself. It was truly a moment of disbelief and amazement. The rest of the night was a euphoric period of singing, jumping and getting pushed into people. Being at a Travis Scott concert with one of my best friends easily puts this night as a ten.