The 1975 Concert Review

On November 10th, English pop rock band The 1975 held a concert at the Wells Fargo Center, a stop on their “Still … At Their Very Best” tour. 

The band is notorious for lead singer Matthew “Matty” Healy, who draws a lot of attention to his larger-than-life personality and controversial beliefs. 

On September 26th, the band embarked on the North American leg of their tour in commemoration of their new smash hit album Being Funny in a Foreign Language. Throughout the concert, the band played a wide variety of songs from their discography. 

By spreading apart upbeat songs and songs with darker themes, Healy kept the audience on their toes. They typically open with “The 1975”, a new song with sad undertones, sets the mood for what is to come. Comparing this with the last song that they usually play at the end of the show “People” which is a much older song and has a lot more energy. The song ,as it goes on, gets louder and crazier giving the effect the instruments are losing control. 

One thing that can be noticed is the abrupt ending of the show. Those who have attended past shows can agree that the way the band exits the stage is fast and quick, like ripping off a band aid.. With no goodbyes or thank yous after the final song, once the chorus ends the lights go dark, the band disappears. 

Another big component of the concert was the fashion. People who attended went all out adorning typical tumblr-esque outfits. Almost every person there either wore leather pants or a leather jacket, creating a sea of leather that one could drown in. The moody style, portrayed by the fashion of the show, contributed to the overall desired atmosphere that fans are looking for. 

The concert experience brought together many people of all ages and backgrounds, illustrating how far the band’s influence reaches. As a whole, the music, clothes and atmosphere conjured by the fans and the band made the concert amazing and definitely well worth the late night.