WAWA Pizza Review 

Ever since early June, Wawa has been pushing their new item: Pizza. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching TV, listening to the radio, or scrolling through the internet, an ad has likely appeared informing consumers about the store’s newest menu item. However, Is it worthy of all the hype it is receiving? That is the question that me and fellow PV student, junior Noah Lee, were determined to answer when we reviewed the pizza. 

We arrived right at four pm in order to avoid register traffic and ordered a 14 inch half cheese half mushroom, pepperoni pizza with garlic crust, along with a side order of garlic knots. The garlic knots were out within three minutes and the pizza took slightly over ten. Overall, the service was pretty quick for a freshmade pizza. 

I was not sure what I was going to get out of a Wawa pizza, but my fellow food critic had high expectations.

 “I’m expecting a lot, Wawa does not disappoint on their menu,” said Noah. “I’ve had it all from the mac and cheese from the smoothies, it never disappoints.” 

The first thing we sampled were the garlic knots, which Noah found “Overly doughy with not enough garlic, it just tastes like bread.” I would most agree, but thought they were mostly fine for a side dish, enough garlic and bread to satisfy someone while they were waiting for their pizza. 

The star menu item had a thin crust with a good cheese sauce ratio appearance. The mushrooms and the pepperoni also looked appetizing but unfortunately they were not completely evenly ratioed among the slices and the crust was slightly burned at the bottom. I would give the appearance of the pizza a 7/10 and Noah gave it a 9/10. 

The most important thing was the taste however and upon trying it, I was pleasantly surprised. The cheese tasted really good with the sauce and the garlic crust was a delicious addition to the pie. 

“The sauce was really tasteful, not too salty and slightly sweet,” said Noah. “The crust had a more garlic taste than the knots, and it smelled really good.” The mushrooms and pepperoni also mixed really well together, if not losing some points for not being evenly placed along the pizza. 

“I liked the mushrooms, it was well cooked and the taste was there,” said Noah. “I didn’t notice the pepperoni as much but it was pretty crispy. The toppings were uneven with most being bunched towards the middle slices.” 

Overall I would not say the Wawa pizza was perfect but compared to other fast food establishments I would rank it pretty highly. I would give both sides of the pizza a 9/10 while Noah gave the topping side a 9 and the cheese size a ten. I would officially recommend the Wawa pizza for anyone interested.