Should overflow parkers receive more compensation

The mad dash for 2023/2024 PVHS parking passes began in early June. PV juniors and seniors scrambled to apply for a parking spot before all of the “good” spaces towards the front of the student lot and hilltop were occupied. But what happened when those lots filled up? Students were relegated to overflow parking at Middle School East. 

For some, overflow parking was a little price to pay if it meant they had a place to park.

“I got my license in late October of last year, so I knew that I was not going to get a spot in the main parking lot, and I was thrilled to at least have a spot at the middle school than to have no spot at all,” Sydney Herald, a senior, said.

For others, overflow parking poses unique challenges to students who believe they have a disadvantage from the very beginning. 

“I felt annoyed and frustrated getting overflow parking because due to my birthday I just missed being able to get my license before school started,” senior Faith Palubinski said.

Students in overflow often cut across the field next to East parking in order to make a long walk a little shorter. However, this too poses obstacles for PV students.

“When it was raining or just a rainy week, the field next to East would get so flooded and make my shoes and pants muddy,” Palubinski said.

Others reported ruining multiple pairs of shoes while hurrying to cross the East field during rainy days. 

Students who park at East should receive possible compensation for overflow parking students. Interviewees were asked how a ten minute approved late pass for students with East parking might benefit them. 

“A 10 minute late pass would definitely benefit me, especially because I play soccer and occasionally have to put my soccer stuff in the locker room before going to class,” junior Isa Schorle said. 

Additionally, students who are given overflow have to pay the same amount for a parking pass as students who received spots in the student lot and hilltop. I suggest a possible discount on the parking pass price for East overflow to account for the extra challenges that impact these students.