High school relationships will only provide more baggage in college

Pack your bags. And when I say that, I mean bring your things to college and dump your high school partner. As the school year is ending, many seniors are committing to colleges and are excited about this upcoming chapter. However, in the back of those seniors’ minds, is what will happen with their high school relationships. These seniors might even be dating someone still in high school, questioning whether to continue a relationship with someone in a completely different place in their life. 

I have a few words about bringing your high school relationship to college that you might not want to hear, but are necessary. The chance that this relationship will work out, in the long run, is slim to none. If you’re going to the same university as your partner, it might either work for you or be incredibly awkward after breaking up because you’ll have to randomly pass each other for the next four years. If you are dating a junior, who is planning to go to the same university or one nearby, it could work if you can make it through a year… And then, there are the 1% of couples who make it on their own, and the source for that is: trust me, bro, I take AP Statistics. What I have learned from that class is that you reject the null if the p-value is less than 5%, just like you should reject frat boys. Rebounding to a frat boy is worse than taking a relationship with you to college. 

Besides, the couples who make it through are applaudable but probably resent each other for a lack of personal development and will end up in a brutal divorce. My advice is to find a ballsy lawyer, at least. And let’s be real, do you want to be dating the same person who witnessed your quirky stage in middle school? Sit with that. Personally, I do not want my future spouse to have any memory of my big bright pink glasses and the tie-dye t-shirts I wore every day. You should be an individual in college, not tied to someone who has shaped you in high school. If this person is truly the one for you, I propose returning to each other later in life; you will not find your husband at university. The Alpha Chi Sigma finance bro will survive without you. Despite my cynicism, if you allow yourself to have this time for independence and personal growth, the relationship could work later on.

These relationships are called “high school relationships” because you date the person in high school, not in college. I know letting go of your first love is hard, but in the wise words of Mr. Rinda, “Everyone is replaceable.” Trying to work out in college is commendable, but you might just break your own heart because you are postponing the inevitable end. Save your heart while you can. Remember that it actually is you, and it’s not them; don’t let yourself fall into that trap. If you do foolishly decide to continue with this relationship in college, know that you are not the exception. Shoutout to the guy who broke up with my older sister the day before she went to college- he saved her in the long run. Think realistically now, and thank me later. If your relationship makes it through college, invite me to the wedding, and we can forget all about this opinion piece. I love a good dance reception. Disclosure, if you take this personally, your relationship probably has a weak foundation and is bound to crumble. Best wishes for your time spent in college.