Early Season Injuries Plague Hockey Valley

The Thomas J Keenan stadium is not the first place students find themselves on a Friday night as PV puck has begun, with games taking place at Oaks Center Ice. The students get positively rowdy as they cheer on the boys at 9 pm on Fridays at the games. 

The first game started off successfully, the boys taking the win over Cardinal O’Hara, the final score was 4-3. Senior Neil Seith scored two goals, the tying score came from Kevin Fitzpatrick, and the winning goal was scored by the sophomore, Drew Donato. These goals were assisted by Chris Cowgill, Dax Nguyen, and Drew Donato. The team’s chemistry has guided them toward victory. 

The team captain, Jon Waters said “I think our team’s strongest characteristic is everyone’s personality.”

The PV boys put up a tough game against Father Judge but lost, the final score was 3-2. The loss did not discourage them, as they were at a disadvantage with a short bench of eight players. Drew Donato and Dakota Grierson scored this evening and the saving grace was Sam Koehler, as the goalie had thirty saves. The boys have hopes to pursue a winning streak knowing the strength of their full roster, but the players have expressed their concern as some of their fellow teammates are out with injuries.

Dax Nguyen, a junior on varsity said, “The team has been playing really well together, we are just short because of a couple of injuries. I feel like with our full roster we could really reach our full potential as a team.”

With these setbacks, the boys still have optimism knowing the strength of their team. 

Waters commented saying “For the rest of the season I predict a lot of wins and a PAC championship”. 

While Nguyen said, “I feel like we are going to have a strong season this year and are hoping we can pull together to win the PAC.”

The boys have high hopes for this season along with the entire PV student section. Hockey Valley is notorious for the intensity within the student section as we root for our boys. The energy that radiates from the student section is encouraging for the players. 

Nguyen, junior on varsity said, “The atmosphere that our section provides gets us pumped up to play every shift.”