“Flip For PV” Secures 3 out of 4 Open School Board Seats

On November 8th, the hotly contested Perkiomen Valley school board election culminated with republican candidates Rowan Keenan, Don Fountain, Jason E. Saylor, and democratic candidate Tammy Campli all snatching seats in a tight race.

The race, including four republican candidates dubbed “Flip For PV” facing off against “PV PerserVere” which consisted of four democratic candidates, was highly competitive due to a lack of incumbents running.

Previously, the Perkiomen Valley school board was 7-2, majority democratic. Mr. Halus’, Mrs. Lofton’s, Mrs. Roberts’, and Dr. Weston’s terms were all ending, which left four available seats on the board. Republican candidates hoped to win these seats in order to “flip” the board.

“Flip For PV” succeeded in flipping three out of four open seats on the school board; however, democrat Tammy Campli was able to seize the fourth and final available position.

The election commenced on November 2nd and was finalized on the 8th, the delay was a result of 20,000 county-wide mail-in ballots that had yet to be counted. This combined with other factors, including un-scannable ballots, resulted in a 7 day waiting period, in which the community eagerly awaited the final tally. The election concluded with front-runner Rowan Keenan having 5,209 votes, 5,204 for Don Fountain, 5,178 for Jason E. Saylor, and 5,093 for Tammy Campli.

“I am happy the election is over and now everyone can come together for the good of our PV Community,” Mr. Saylor, a newly appointed board member, said.

The members will need to work together for the betterment of PV, despite differing political affiliations.

“Once elected – party goes away and work starts!” Saylor said.