Wawa Brings Burgers and Fries to the Menu

Wawa, the famous convenience store chain, has released a new item. While there are plenty of food items for someone to eat at the store such as hoagies, mac and cheese, and burritos, Wawa wants to expand its menu by adding a new dinner option. 

While the past menu contains pasta bowls, the hot new ticket item is now the Wawa  burger and fries. When ordering the burger, it comes with customizable options for toppings. I got mine with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and ketchup. 

The burger itself comes in a small container, and the fries came in a paper packet. After the first bite, the burger is surprisingly good! The meat in the burger is well-cooked and the bun is good at holding in the ingredients to stop a big mess. 

One flaw would be that there was only a small amount of ketchup on the burger, so there were only a few bites where I could taste it, but that is negligible. The fries are cooked perfectly and have good texture but are slightly over seasoned. 

One thing holding the burger back is that people are afraid to try it. When polled, only 7 people out of 55 said that they have tried it, but almost everyone who tried it rated it positively. 

“I only tried a bit of my friend’s but I thought it was decent, not the biggest burger person,” Tara Sponholz, the freshman class vice president, said.

The burger is not like a perfect one that you would get from your favorite restaurant and the fries could be a bit better, but if you are really craving a burger and stop by Wawa, go ahead and get it. You will most likely not regret it.