Eagles Struggle with Injury Bug, More in 2020

COVID-19, no preseason, injuries, and limited fans in the stadium. 2020 has seen a unique and challenging start for the Eagles.

The Eagles 2020 season has been filled with victories and losses. So far, they have won 4 games, lost 8 games, and tied one game. The Eagles have had to undergo different factors that created an erratic start for them. 

“I think the Eagles have lost a couple games this year that they arguably should not have, but they’re also dealing with devastating injuries on their offense line and at the wide receiver position,” Head Football Coach Heist said.

“Carson Wentz is trying to carry the team on his shoulders and as a result he is turning the ball over way too much.  He needs to throttle it back a bit and let players step up around him,” Heist noted.

Coach Finkbiner, PVs wide receiver and secondary coach, agreed with what Coach Heist said, “With no preseason games I believe it has made it difficult for birds to find their identity on offense and develop the younger players.  The next major factor has been the injuries piling up.  Carson Wentzs’ play has been affected by the revolving door that is the starting line-up as they have had to start several different practice squad players.”

Having no preseason and injuries has impacted the Eagles game and play so far. Coach Finkbiner commented that hopefully, the younger players will step up and fill in some big shoes. Wentz will have to trust that they will do their part for the team. 

Another major factor is the COVID-19 restrictions. The Eagles have not been playing a regular season because they are missing a major component–their fans in the stadiums.

“I think the lack of fans in the stands does/has an impact on the game. You don’t have that same intense atmosphere that players feed off of,” Coach Finkbiner said.

Although they are off to a challenging and different start to the season, they have had memorable moments. 

“The highlight of the Eagles this year would have to be beating the 49ers,” said Will Hale, a sophomore at Perkiomen Valley. 

Many fans have different predictions of what will happen next. Still, they’re hopeful things will pan out well for the Philadelphia birds.

“As it stands currently, I think the Eagles are in a good position in the NFC East.  They’re improving and if they can get healthy at a few important positions they may be able to make some noise in the playoffs if they can win the division.” Coach Heist said.

Only time will tell what the season holds for the Eagles. 

Photo: “Philadelphia-Eagles” by gtalan is licensed under CC BY 2.0