Crocs were last seen in the fashion industry around 2013. This summer, they're making a comeback.

New Spring Fashion Trends

Spring into the new 2017 fashion trends! The spring trends this year are better than ever and everyone is making sure to follow them. This spring, clothes are all about comfortability while still looking stylish.

Some trends are even coming back. Birkenstocks are coming back from the 1970s and 1990s. Girls have been wearing these shoes everywhere with any outfit and they still manage to look stylish. Some people consider these shoes ¨Jesus Shoes”, but now in 2017, these shoes are a major hit. People wear these shoes with anything, even dresses. Stores everywhere are selling knockoff Birkenstocks and everyone is buying them.

Crocs are also coming back. Yes, Crocs. Kids wore these rubber shoes all the time in 2006 and they were the biggest trend ever. Teenagers at Perkiomen Valley High School are now seen all the time wearing them. Athletes have been seen wearing these shoes, especially the white colored crocs. No matter how “old fashioned” these shoes are, they are coming back and are definitely making a statement.

Dresses are also a huge trend for this spring. Tshirt dresses are seen everywhere. This is a very big trend in Los Angeles, where people wear actual oversized tshirts as dresses and pair them with thigh high boots. They make just a normal oversized tshirt look extremely fashionable. Slip dresses are also a famous trend seen on celebrities such as Rihanna and Kylie Jenner. These are silky dresses, long or short, that look extremely elegant.

People are also wearing shoulderless/off the shoulder shirts. These articles of clothing show off the shoulders and shows confidence. Off the shoulder shirts show just the right amount of skin while still looking modest. These tops are seen paired with anything such as leggings, jeans, and shorts. The open shoulders add much more to a shirt.

Girls are also making sure to accessorize. People are piling up bracelets and making a statement with them. These can be any type of bracelet, the more the better. Wearing multiple necklaces has also been seen everywhere. “Wearing a lot of accessories just spices up any outfit. If you’re wearing a plaid shirt, just throw on some necklaces and you’re set. Bracelets and necklaces are such a simple statement piece and are a necessity to have.” A freshman at Perkiomen Valley High School said.

Fashion has been a huge impact on everyone so far in 2017. Now, what you wear shows what type of person you are and shows how much confidence you have. “I am able to express myself through my clothes and I think it’s important to wear what you want without caring about what anyone will think, you just have to be you.” a 16 year old girl said.

This spring and upcoming summer is all about expressing yourself and being comfortable with yourself and what you choose to wear. Celebrities and teens are coming out of their shells this spring and are making many statements with their clothing choices.