Ocean City, New Jersey is one of the most popular beaches in the country,

Perkiomen Valley’s Favorite Jersey Shore Spots

With summer just weeks away everyone is waiting to rush to the coast to feel the sand on their feet and taste the salt in the air. The majority of Pennsylvanians catch their waves along the coast of the Garden State just a few hours away. Once they hit the Jersey Shore, vacationers have many beaches to choose from. Here are Perkiomen Valley High School’s favorite places to grab a bite, catch a wave, and soak up the sun along the Jersey Shore.

Ocean City is the largest city in New Jersey and is located in Cape May County. It is most famous for its boardwalk with three different piers–all part of Morey’s Piers. Together the piers total 18 acres of amusement and over 100 rides along the beach. The piers are Adventure Pier, Surfside Pier and Mariner’s Pier which all offer different combinations of attractions. Other than the boardwalk, others travel to Ocean City to catch a wave. Freshman student Lauren Gwilliam vacations in OCNJ and exclaims “The beaches are perfect for swimming, playing volleyball in the sand, and my favorite, surfing!”. The most popular streets to soak up the sun are 9th, 59th and 34th street. A sophomore at Perkiomen Valley High School, Olivia MacDonald, beaches at 9th street and chattered “ Ocean City , New Jersey is my favorite because it has the best waves for boogie boarding and definitely the best boardwalk in Jersey”.

A little over 11 miles down the coast of New Jersey lies another popular spot, Sea Isle City. Aside from the beaches many drive to the sandy spot for a walk on the promenade, a taste of James’s fudge, or a movie night under the stars in Excursion Park. The promenade stretches from the 29th to the 57th block of Sea Isle and it is full of shops, arcades and quirky restaurants. Along the promenade are the hottest beach spots with access at every street. After a long day at the beach Perkiomen Valley High School students set out to get their hands on their favorite Sea Isle treat, fudge. James’s Fudge and Salt Water Taffy is located on 14th Street and offers countless flavors and varieties of the two summer treats.

Just a five minute drive south of Sea Isle lays Avalon,New Jersey. Avalon is known for its clean beaches and upscale restaurants. The hottest beaches stretch from 30th to 37th street where beachgoers can enjoy a visit from the ice cream man every few hours. In the town you can enjoy a game of mini-golf at Pirate Island Golf, shop at tons of stores or dine at some of the finest restaurants in the area. Fishin’ Pier Grille offers 5 star food and service with their variety of seafood. If seafood isn’t for you, you can swirl a cone at Sundae Best Homemade Ice Cream Shop with over 20 homemade flavors to try after a long day in the sun.

These are just a few of the best beaches Jersey has to offer. You can also spend your summer in Cape May,Wildwood or Brigantine which also offer fun attractions and beautiful beaches.