Scream Mountain prop

Autumnal Activities Around Pennsylvania. 

Johanna Corkery

Fall is undoubtedly in the air, and anyone at Perkiomen Valley High School looking for a fun seasonal activity has a lot of different options around Pennsylvania. From Renaissance Faires to abandoned asylums, someone looking for a fun autumn night can certainly find something worth screaming about. 

Scream Mountain-757 Spring Mt Rd, Schwenksville, PA 19473

Adrenaline-junkies should consider making a visit to Scream Mountain. Usually Spring Mountain, the ski resort transforms itself during the fall months into a haunted walk-through experience. Ride up the mountain on the ski-lift while actors in costume interact with you from below. Then, attempt to climb down the narrow mountain with your group. The walk-through is extensively decorated and the actors know no-limits with their tactics. If you’re still standing after the walk-through, you can hop on a tractor and prepare for a frightening hay-ride. Like the walk-through, the hayride is well-decorated and the actors always do a good job with their costumes and scares. When your horror begins to pass, you can sit around the firepit and enjoy some seasonal beverages and live music. The experience is very festive and well-suited for high school students looking for a good time.

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire-2775 Lebanon Rd, Manheim, PA 1754

Renaissance Faires are not commonly attended by a high school population, but they are still fun. Each weekend has a different theme attendants can choose to participate in, and the Faire decorates all thirty-five acres of its space to create a medieval feel. The Faire offers individual activities like glass-blowing and archery. If you’re not in the mood to stand, you can sit to enjoy one of the shows like jousting or traditional Irish dancing. Employees are dressed to the nines with authentic medieval garb, and often interact with visitors to make the whole experience feel more realistic. You can have fun dressing up or wearing your regular clothes. Either way, the PA Renaissance Faire is 37 acres of Autumn fun.

Pennhurst-East Vincent Township, PA 19475

Formerly an operating asylum, Pennhurst has since been converted into a paranormal/fright experience. Food options are available for attendants before they head into the old building and meet all the well-dressed actors waiting to scare your socks off. Patrons can choose between the Morgue, the Asylum, or the Tunnels, or if they’re really feeling brave, they can buy a pass for all four. If you’re not interested in being jump-scared but prefer a more traditional fright, you can experience a paranormal tour of the building with ghost-hunting equipment to catch potential spirits. Pennhurst is rumored to be one of the most haunted attractions in the country, so watch out for any ill-intentioned ghosts. 

Fall Festival at Northern Star Farms-112 E 3rd Ave, Trappe, PA 19426

Every Fall, Northern Star Farms offers a variety of autumnal activities for farm-goers. This year, they offer a Fall Festival, which runs every Saturday and Sunday up until October 26th. The Fall Festival has a variety of fresh apple goodies like pies and donuts, as well as food trucks serving more seasonal foods. If enticing food isn’t enough to convince you, the farm also offers pumpkin picking, hay rides, a corn maze, farm animals, and pony rides. All traditional farm activities are now suited for the Fall season, and you should consider checking it out if you don’t mind getting your shoes dirty.