Viking-Led Revolution: New Student Section Leaders Ignite School Spirit

Amidst the echoes of Viking cheers, the school’s new student section leaders have been chosen for the upcoming academic year. Casey Sitron, Joshua Tagert, Natalie Min, Olivia Hulayew, and Ryan Murphy are the formidable warriors at the helm, ready to ignite Viking spirit and unite the student body in a quest for school pride.

These newly appointed student section leaders bring with them a wealth of experience in leadership roles and a passion for athletics, which they plan to leverage to enhance school spirit and engagement. Sitron, a dedicated leader, currently serves as the co-president of the Key Club, while holding the position of class secretary, and plays a pivotal role as a Link Crew Commissioner. Min, a talented athlete, knows the value of teamwork and competition, and she’s eager to translate these principles into a vibrant student section experience. Meanwhile Murphy, a multi-sport athlete in baseball and basketball, exemplifies a strong commitment to athletics and will bring his team-oriented mindset to the role of student section leader.

“Stand up, show up, and shout out!” Joshua Tagert, setting the tone for what promises to be an electrifying year, said. Joshua, known for his spirited pep talks during games, brings contagious energy to the role, inspiring students to rally behind their teams.

Student section leaders play a pivotal role in elevating school pride, enhancing attendance at sporting events, and cultivating a sense of belonging among every student. Their boundless enthusiasm and innovative spirit are instrumental in crafting unforgettable experiences for all. Serving as the heart of our school spirit, these leaders connect students from diverse backgrounds and grade levels, uniting them under a shared banner of enthusiasm and camaraderie. As our school community continues to evolve, the responsibilities of our student section leaders evolve with it. Their duties extend beyond leading cheers at football games; they are also charged with planning and executing initiatives that promote inclusivity, forging enduring memories, and galvanizing the entire student body in celebrating our school’s culture and achievements.

This year, the student section leaders have ambitious plans to take school spirit to new heights.

Joshua Tagert, one of the student section leaders, also shared an exciting vision for a potential new tradition that could ignite the school spirit to new heights. Drawing inspiration from the Minnesota Vikings football team’s iconic “Skol!” chant, Joshua said, “We’re looking into the idea of introducing a similar tradition here, where, before every game [and after each touchdown], we would bang a drum, for everyone to clap their hands and yell, ‘Skol!’ together.” While the logistics are still being fine-tuned, the leaders recognize the potential of this tradition to create an unforgettable atmosphere at school events.

Natalie Min, another one of the student section’s leaders shares the team’s commitment to continuous improvement: “We recognize that there’s always room for growth, and we’re working on fresh ideas to get everyone involved, especially during our games. We’re considering implementing exciting halftime raffles with prizes, [to ensure that] attending our events not only fuels school spirit but also offers a chance to win something special.” Natalie’s dedication to creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere reflects the team’s collective aspiration to elevate the school’s sporting events to new heights of excitement and participation

Looking back, our school has a rich history of spirited Viking leaders who have left a lasting impact on the student body. The torch has been passed to Sitron, Tagert, Min, Hulayew, and Murphy, who are ready to continue this legacy.