“Mean Girls” showcases musical talent, humor

From March 30 – April 1, the Perkiomen Valley High School’s cast put on an astonishing performance of the musical “Mean Girls.” The performances were all exceedingly exceptional from everyone, and the talent continued throughout the night.

Cady Heron, played by junior Grace Maran, was homeschooled her whole life in Africa. After Cady turned 16, she and her parents moved to Evanston, Illinois. She then began her junior year at North Shore High School and initially struggles to make friends and fit in with the social hierarchy.

She first meets the witty Janis Ian (Trinity Linville) and comedic Damian Hubbard (Jake Taylor) who warn her about the social classes and the “social suicides” of the school. 

They caution her of the wily Regina George (Samantha Schoenewald), the Queen Bee of the school, who initially seems to thrive on making everyone’s life absolutely miserable. 

Not only was the singing and acting enthralling, the comedy heard periodically throughout the production kept the audience interested and laughing along with it all. A personal favorite seemed to be Karen Smith whose dumbfounded way of humor was presented exceptionally by MaryKate Bricker, who was well-suited for her role and did a superb job.

The entire ensemble seemed to share a common goal and showed support for each other.

“I mostly enjoyed the family of the musical. Whenever you are with a group of people for a long enough time, basically seeing them everyday – it feels like family.” Linville said.

Regardless of if you were part of the musical or not, it’s something anyone can be a part of. All students need to do is try out.

“I think it’s important to understand that your biggest critic is yourself, and if you keep beating yourself up, you’ll just get stuck.” Maran said.

All that being said, after the show ended, the audience gave a well-deserved standing ovation that Friday night. 

The cast included:

Cady Heron ———————- Grace Maran

Janis Ian————————— Trinity Linville

Damian Hubbard —————- Jake Taylor 

Regina George —————— Samantha Schoenewald

Gretchen Wieners ————– Caroline Panek

Karen Smith ———————- MaryKate Bricker

Kevin Gnapoor ——————- Andrew Reyes

Aaron Samuels —————— Christian Sibel