Legacy of Firefighters

Three constants have shaped Thomas Gamon’s life in firefighting – family, hard work, and a devotion to helping the community. A junior at PV, Gamon was brought into the world of firefighting at a young age by his grandfather and father, who have continued to impact him throughout his life. 

Gamon’s dad, Thomas Gamon V, and his grandfather, Thomas Gamon IV, have always had an important role serving at the Lower Frederick Fire Company. His dad is the chief of the department and his grandfather is the battalion chief. Their influence helped encourage Gamon to start volunteering at the fire company when he was fourteen years old, and he has been doing it ever since. 

Each day at the Lower Frederick Fire Company can look different. 

“No day is the same, some days we could be really busy and others not so much. When the calls come in though, all members give their best effort to help the community,” Gamon said. 

Although at times it can be stressful, everyone at the firehouse is supportive, which helps to create a “brotherhood atmosphere,” as he tells it. This very family-like nature and ability to help people that comes with volunteering at the firehouse is what makes it enjoyable. 

“What I enjoy most about the firehouse is the knowledge and relationships that are formed. With the people you grow close with, you can go and help others who really need it,” Gamon stated.

There are also a few other students from PV who volunteer with Gamon at Lower Frederick, as well as many who work with other companies in the surrounding area. 

Although he is not sure what the future has in store for him, he hopes to continue volunteering with the fire department. And, for Gamon that will come down to other life decisions around post-secondary schooling. But one thing is for sure: Firefighting is in his DNA and will always be in his future – one way or another.