Graham Pozeynot pursues his journey to become an EMT professional

Perkiomen Valley High School’s very own Graham Pozeynot is setting out to pursue his passions this year by completing the Emergency Medical Technician training and is on his way to becoming a trained member of the EMS task force. 

While in the hospital with a rare neck condition, Pozeynot was faced with extensive wait times due to a low staff.

His experience led him to explore the emergency medicine field and inspired him to take the training. 

“I was so influenced by the generous and caring atmosphere of the hospital, as well as the tremendous impact of these workers in every patient’s life. I couldn’t help but feel an obligation to contribute in the field,” Pozeynot said.

An EMT’s responsibility is to provide basic life support to those who need to be transported to the hospital. The training is composed of hands-on practice, as well as online training that will prepare Pozeynot to handle a variety of situations that he may encounter.

Following the completion of his training, around Dec. 19th, he will be eligible to take the NREMT certification exam and progress one step closer to his passion. The exam will test his cognitive and psychomotor skills to qualify him for certification. With this certification, he is anticipating a career in nursing, strictly in the ER setting.

By 2023, Pozeynot will be a certified EMT professional and will be equipped to make an impact in the emergency room. 

Pozeynot also has some encouraging advice to give other students who are following a similar career path as him.

“Take the exam not only to pass, but to gain experience and mastery in the field,” Pozeynot said.  

EMT’s are vital to the medical field, so having such a young person so dedicated is a great step for the future. 

Update: As of December 20, Pozenot became a licensed EMT through the national registry by passing his test, and will take his state test in January.