Take Action raises money with teacher costumes

Every year Take Action runs a charity competition involving teachers dressing in fun animal costumes. Students donate money to decide which teacher is going to be the flamingo or maybe the frog. This year, Take Action hosted the charity for animals in need from November 15-18.

Observations of the Take Action members tallying the votes was a site to see. On the last day of vote counting the Take Action members participated in nonstop work to make sure that every vote was counted. 

‘’This was a fun experience interacting with all donating students,” said Ryan Cairns, a Take Action member. 

This year the turnout was incredible, raking in at about 1000 dollars, and even more money was counted after the final tally. The band kids had a nice surprise to find out that their teacher Mr. Overholtzer had been chosen again to dress up in another animal costume. Overholtzer got the highest turnout of donations that exceeded well over 300 votes. The band teacher is undefeated post Covid-19.

Ms. Giorgio won the pink flamingo this year and didn’t understand if this meant whether she was loved or hated. She was thrilled overall though not only because she got to be a flamingo for the day but because she could be part of a huge positive cause.

‘’Did you know that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance?’’ said Ms. Giorgio. She claimed that she would never have known this fact if she was not chosen to be a flamingo. “So thank you to everyone who voted for me.”

Big donator Weston Stacker was able to gather 120 dollars to help boost his favorite teacher. When asked who he was voting for he said. ‘’Ms, Giorgio better win.’’

The other winners were Mrs. Dotterer (penguin), Mr. Lawler (frog), and Mr. Hunsicker (pig).