Perkiomen Valley High School’s Cafeteria Seating

As students step into a new school year at Perkiomen Valley High School, it seems fitting that students also step into the cafeteria knowing the new procedures and arrangements that have been made.

For a student to visit the library during their lunch period, they will need to sign out on the clipboards near the cafeteria doors and ask a staff member for a library pass. Only six passes are distributed each lunch period, so if a student is planning to go to the library to read or complete homework, the best time to sign out is immediately when they enter the cafeteria.

In regards to the overall cafeteria seating, PV has a unique seating arrangement that differs from many other districts in the area. Spring-Ford Area High School and North Penn High School both have seating arrangements based on individual grades, meaning that only one grade is in the cafeteria at a time. However, PV’s cafeteria seating arrangements are closer compared to Methacton High School’s arrangements, where each student’s lunch period will depend on the rest of their schedule and will be a mixture of every grade.

“When we have lunch, what period, and with who just depends on what grade you are in,” said Katie Taylor, a ninth grade student from North Penn School District.

Because students at PV have a choice of seating, they are able to see peers not only within their grade, but also in other grades during their lunch. 

“I like the way we can choose where we sit every day,” PV student Adwita Thorat said.

Many Perkiomen Valley students prefer their current, grade-mixed seating system, which helps them make lasting friends throughout the school year.