What is Viking Academy?

By Carly DeLuca, Evan Kenny

In an attempt to make learning more accessible to students in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Perkiomen Valley School District has further developed their online learning program, newly named Viking Academy. 

Viking Academy is a K-12 online learning platform that has the benefits of flexible instruction through a traditional Perkiomen Valley education. 

Participating in Viking Academy has many advantages for those who are not interested in returning to in-person instruction. “The flexibility is great, there is more asynchronous work which some enjoy,” said Miss Hardman, Viking Academy teacher. 

Students are still able to participate in PVSD extracurricular activities such as the athletic teams and clubs.

“Unlike with other cyber charter schools, students who enroll in VA can still participate in the extracurricular activities that we offer and seniors will also graduate with a PV diploma,” said Mrs. Baker, an administrator for Viking Academy. Furthermore, Viking Academy has access to remote counseling, special education classes, and gifted classes, making sure that students are not missing out on the education that PVSD offers. Additionally, AP classes and college credit are available for high school students who desire to take those courses. 

Students can take as many classes as they would like through this online platform, whether they choose to take one class or a full roster.  Viking Academy has flexibility when it comes to the schedules of students and where or how many classes they would like to take. For example, students in grades 9-12 have the option of taking classes partially online through Viking Academy and classes partially in-person through an external home school.

“VA has provided students who don’t feel comfortable coming into the building at this time a way to stay enrolled in Perkiomen Valley, rather than having to find an alternative schooling option,” Mrs. Baker said. Fully-synchronous learning is available for students at the elementary level, and partially synchronous learning is available for the middle school level. Additionally, at all levels, all-asynchronous learning is offered. 

Viking Academy aims to offer flexibility during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the school district’s mission is to cultivate an inclusive community of learners through an online platform.