Genius bar helpdesk moves out of the library

Now available — a tech solution beneficial to every student at PV. The new tech help desk creates a peer-based environment to ask any and all tech questions. 

The newly renovated space is inviting and brings new opportunities for the district. It’s located on the first floor, across from room 113. The unique aspect of the help center is that it’s run by students. The way it works is students, “walk-in, drop off the device if needed, and we fix it. It is all handled by students for students” Mr. Pennebacker, a business teacher at PV, said.  

It’s open all day and has been very popular amongst the PV community. The main goal is to fix devices and “to give students the opportunity to learn IT management and repair,” Mr. Pennebacker said. 

Students have confirmed that it’s helpful. Senior at PV, Matthew Hyon, traveled to the help desk to figure out the issue with his Chromebook when it would not charge. They looked at his Chromebook, assessed the situation, and gave him actionable next steps.

“The help desk was very helpful and if I ever face more Chromebook issues the help desk will be the first place I go,” Hyon said. 

The help desk is available for a variety of issues such as faulty batteries, trouble logging in, replacements, and general questions. By stopping by the help desk not only are students getting the tech answers they need quickly, but they are also supporting peers who may want to pursue professions in IT management and repair.