PV’s Creative Minds Find Safe Space in Literary Magazine Club

Literary Magazine, or “Lit Mag” as the inside members call it, may sound like a magazine for literary fans. That assumption would be far from accurate. The Literary Magazine is part peer review group, part social club and entirely a “safe environment conducive to artistic growth” for PV’s artistic community, as Mrs. Riehl, club advisor, said.

The club meets twice a month on Thursdays to promote both visual and literary art. Members can share their work or ideas with like-minded peers and gain positive and constructive feedback to help them grow.

 Like most clubs, the pandemic has impacted the manner in which meetings are held. Many club members now meet and share ideas virtually in what has been a “relatively seamless transition as we collectively adapt to new communications,” Mrs. Riehl said. 

“I like that Literary Magazine gives all of us the opportunity to share a piece of ourselves. Art is a very personal aspect of those who create it, and sometimes sharing it can feel like a moment of vulnerability,”  Jasmine Upchurch, active member and published author, said. “It takes a special mind to think artistically with someone else, so I’m glad that Lit Mag provides me with peers who will listen,” Upchurch said.

Member Mandi Murray is excited to spread the word. “It’s such a great place to be and I want anyone who is interested in writing, art, or photography to know about it! When I first joined, I was incredibly nervous because I had never shared my pieces with others before. Everyone was so kind and welcoming, and I was able to improve my writing skills. I truly believe that those who come to Lit Mag meetings will have the same experience,” she said.

Interested in checking out their work? The link for the current literary magazine can be accessed here or on the school homepage and, as mentioned, meetings are held twice a month. See Ms. Riehl for more information!