Alumni Addison Hunsicker Talks to PV Students About Philadelphia Union Job

Perkiomen Valley Alumni Addison Hunsicker came to the high school on April 14th to talk to students about his career, college majors, and how to set yourself up for success after your four years in The Valley. Hunsicker is currently a data analyst working for the professional soccer team, the Philadelphia Union. 

In 2016, Addison Hunsicker walked across the stage at graduation, unsure of his future. “When I got to college at Temple, I was actually undeclared in the media and communications school,”  Hunsicker said. “Then I found out about my major which was statistical science and data analytics…and so I switched in my spring semester.”  

During his time at Temple University, Hunsicker learned the world of analytics and statistics while taking internships that helped him grow along the way. One of his internships was in 2018 at TD Bank, which he credits his business knowledge. “[The internship] made me learn more about how the business world operated, how the corporate world operated, and how to handle yourself in a professional environment.” 

Two years later in 2020, Hunsicker graduated with a bachelor’s degree in statistical science and data analytics. He then took that degree and used it to get a job with the Philadelphia Union as a statistical analyst. “I do a lot of work with our opposition analysis for scouting reports, post-match analysis, and I work with player scouting,” Hunsicker said. 

Hunsicker preached hard work and passion to all of the students in attendance. “You just have got to get the work done, and you will be so much farther ahead than anybody else” Hunsicker said. “A lot of people don’t want to do the work in their off time, but that is how you get better at anything.”

Like so many other Perkiomen Valley Alumni, Hunsicker seeks to give advice to the younger generation of Vikings.