Student Spotlight: Jordan Quimby and Friends Donate to Those in Need

Through the winter, the Daily Bread Food Pantry struggles with a lack of food donations. Students like Jordan Quimby, along with friends, have been generously contributing large amounts of donations for the organization. 

Jordan Quimby was inclined to take action after donating within Key Club in October, where he learned about the shortage of food in the winter months. Once hearing about the low supply Jordan immediately took initiative. Jordan started this by couponing in grocery stores then donating to the pantry. 

“Why are people going without food/personal care products when I have coupons that will make these items free? While coupons are just small slips of paper with ink printed on them, they are going to make a BIG difference for the people at the Daily Bread Food Pantry” Jordan Quimby, sophomore at PVHS, said. 

With inspiration to help others, Jordan gathered his friends to use coupons and buy items at grocery stores, they then proceeded to give the items to the Daily Bread Food Pantry. The group of kids graciously donated as they felt compelled to give to those who are less fortunate. Giving to others filled Jordan and his friends with joy leading them to continue to have these hauls of donations.

The triumph success Quimby encountered with donating has encouraged him to continue to donate. As long as their funds permit them, Quimby shares his hopes to give more. 

“I choose to spend my free time giving to others because it has always been a passion of mine. It helps provide a sense of purpose and I have learned many valuable lessons from helping others” Alessia Revelli, a sophomore at PVHS, and friend of Quimby’s, said. 

The act of giving to others has been addicting to Quimby and his friends. Having the knowledge that they are making a difference and have the opportunity to help people has inspired the group to give heavily to the organization. 

“I plan on continuing donations and my collection of donations by starting a fundraiser and getting people “on board” with what I am doing” Jordan Quimby, sophomore at PVHS, said. 

By giving donations to the pantry, Quimby and his friends have felt an overwhelming sense of happiness by giving to those in need. The group understands the importance of giving to others and that there are strategies to save when giving to organizations. Quimby has high hopes to accumulate more people to assist in fundraising and collecting even larger amounts of donations.

Photo Source: Jordan Quimby