Seniors Squeak Out Win in Powderpuff 2017

Jessica Matthews and Sarah Jenison, Staff Writers

The annual Perkiomen Valley Powder Puff game on Monday night, November 6th, was a game of epic proportions, with a twist ending in a way many fans were not expecting.

Prior to the game, the junior and senior coaches were hyping up the teams in their respective locker rooms as encouragements were shouted amongst the players. But before the fun started, the girls were reminded of the vital rules of the game and ran over the plays one last time.

While the players were getting ready for the game, the student sections were filling up with parents and friends of the juniors and seniors. Back on the field, the male cheerleaders were warming up the crowd and practicing their stunts for the upcoming game. Weeks of preparation went into this game for both the powder puff players and the cheerleaders, many of which helped each other during training.

One of then captains from the Junior team, Sela Anne Fusco, was especially excited and “Felt we had a lot of plays done and had a lot of time to practice, so we’re pretty confident”. On the other side of the field, the senior captain, Hayley Almes, felt their team was “Well prepared and fired up”, an attitude many players took up when going into the game.

The first quarter began, and each team started off with incredible amounts of energy. Taylor Reiff from the Junior team was the first to score, taking the lead by seven points. By the end of the first quarter though, the seniors made a comeback and the game was tied 7-7.

In the second quarter, each team was dealing with their fair share of defensive and offensive movement, but in the end the Juniors took the lead once more thanks to a second touchdown made by Jocelyn Rotay, and the second quarter ended with the score 14-7, in favor of the juniors.

Following the unique halftime performances, the game began again, and things truly began to pick up. As the Seniors tried to push forward and tie the score, the referees held them back, and kept the seniors from getting two touchdowns with a flag, but in the end the seniors were able to prevail and the score was tied 14-14.

A penalty hold kept the Juniors from getting a touchdown in the beginning of the fourth quarter and each team did their best to push the envelope and take the lead, but in the end it was the seniors that prevailed, getting a touchdown with only two minutes left in the game to gain the lead 21-14.

Despite this, spirits were still high with the Junior team, and they played the best they could throughout the remaining two minutes. In the end though, it was the seniors with the win, and the final score was 21-14.

The Powder Puff game was an exciting and entertaining way to relieve frustrations between the two competing classes, but behind the scenes, all the players banded together to support a good cause and help those in need. Even if the seniors came out on top, the game was a success for both teams, as it raised over 2,500 dollars for hurricane relief. Junior captain, Miah Penn, says, “We’re all just excited to play and excited to work with each other”.

Powderpuff shows another way PV is making a difference and showing support in the lives of people in need outside of The Valley.

photo:Olivia Scott