Poll Unveils Best and Worst Halloween Candy


Sarah Jenison, Staff Writer

Halloween is just around the corner, meaning that houses everywhere are stocking up on candy and preparing to welcome children with sweets at dusk. Countless children are preparing for the “treat” of candy at each doorstep, but the “trick” may be the devastating realization that you got unwanted candies.

Unfortunately, not every house has the best treats. In fact, many trick or treaters are accustomed to putting on a fake smile as they grab for lame excuses for candies.

At the end of the night, every trick or treater is trading candy and dumping bad ones for their favorites. Not only are they faced with the problem of getting rid of unwanted candy, but what are they supposed to do when trying to trade a pencil for a Kit-Kat?

In fact, Halloween is so beloved, that Americans spend quite a fortune on this spooky holiday. According to The Balance, Halloween retail has reached as far as $9.1 billion in 2017, a record high. That’s roughly 179 million people in the US each spending about $86.13 on Halloween decor, costumes, and candy. Although it’s no surprise that Halloween is expensive, people love to dress up, go out to themed parties, and fill empty pillowcases with candy.

Indeed, candy is a popular treat, but there are some clear standouts when it comes to best and worst. According to Bon Appetit, Werther’s Original Caramels, Necco Wafers, Smarties, Circus Peanuts, and Candy Corn are ranked as the worst Halloween candies. Sour Candies, Pop Rocks, Take 5, Reeses Peanut Butter Pumpkins, and Hershey’s Krackel are on the opposite end of the spectrum, coming in as the top Halloween candies. Huffington Post, however had a different opinion, with Good & Plenty, Tootsie Rolls, Bit-O-Honey, Mary Janes, and Candy Corn being deemed the most dreadful. Twix, Sky Bar, 3 Musketeers, Caramello, and Milky Way took the top of the charts for Huffington Post. Now, let’s compare these established lists to the PV candy polls.

When asked what the best Halloween candy was with the options Reese’s, Hershey’s, Kit- Kat, Twix, and Sour Patch, the student body responded with interesting results. Though the results varied in flavor, it is easy to determine the deliciousness of them all. When faced with the options for worst candy, the votes were far more unified. With the choices of Whopper, Tootsie Roll, Almond Joy, Candy Corn, and Licorice. These lackluster sweets need to stay away from the plastic pumpkins of PV.

The last question addressed in the poll was whether people should give out items other than candy on Halloween night. I’m sure that most, if not all of us have been faced with the disappointment of receiving a notebook instead of a Hershey Bar. For example, some houses give out food items besides candy, like popcorn, pretzels, and Capri-Suns. Other houses, decide to truly embrace the Halloween season, and be as evil as to give water bottles or pencils. Fellow student Jess Matthews, a discerning candy connoisseur, states, “I understand why people give things other than candy away, for allergies, but at the same time, I came for candy.” Wise words from a Halloween enthusiast. In all honesty, Halloween’s main purpose is candy, Valentine’s is chocolate, and Christmas is presents and carols. Don’t take this sweet time away from us. Enjoy a chocolate-y Halloween.