NFL Mock Draft: Broken Teams and New Dreams

  1. Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett DE, Texas A&M University
    • The trash bucket that is the Cleveland Browns already has their all-star quarterback Brock Osweiler so why not?
  2. San Francisco 49ers: Solomon Thomas DE, Stanford University
    • There is no quarterback worth drafting this early so they are gonna want someone to beat the heck out of the opposing team’s quarterback
  3. Chicago Bears: Malik Hooker S, The Ohio State University 
    • The Bears offense is too far gone to try and save it with an early draft pick so they are left with little options. They will look to keep the score close by shutting down the passing game of opponents as it proved to be one of their greatest weaknesses this past year.
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jonathan Allen DT, University of Alabama
    • Jacksonville began working on their defense last year by drafting cornerback Jalen Ramsey in the first round. With a fairly strong receiving core and Blake Bortles leading the offense they can confidently continue bolstering their defense.
  5. Tennessee Titans: Marshon Lattimore CB, The Ohio State University
    • After robbing the Rams blind of an arm, a leg, and all playoff hopes in exchange for Jared Goff last year, the Titans hold the number 5 pick.  They are a team with many needs and Lattimore is the player who can step into a starting role during year one and make their secondary much improved.  The Titans also have their own pick at 18 where they can take an offensive player to compliment Marcus Mariota and Demarco Murray.  Lattimore alone will have equal value to Jared Goff so anything else the Titans gain from the trade in the future is only icing on the cake.
  6. New York Jets: Mitchell Trubisky QB, University of North Carolina
    • The name “New York Jets” is synonymous for horrible quarterback. Before they fly the AFC East’s only shot of taking the Pats out of the playoffs into the ground they need a strong leader for their offense. With the loss of Brandon Marshall they are going to need all the passing help they can get in coming years.
  7. Los Angeles Chargers: Taco Charlton DE, University of Michigan
    • You know who hits like a taco truck? Taco Charlton that’s who. Defensive End needed in Los Angeles? Good thing they have two teams now. Taco is the man for the Chargers.
  8. Carolina Panthers: Leonard Fournette RB, Louisiana State University
    • Jonathan Stewart has been doing fairly well as Carolina’s only running back the past few years. Before this he was running the two back system with DeAngelo Williams. As he becomes more injury prone it would be no surprise if the Panthers looked to return to this system with a healthy, rookie running back.
  9. Cincinnati Bengals: Haason Reddick LB, Temple University
    • The Bengals are not too bad, but they are not too good either. Offensively they seem to be fairly well off so why not help the defense. They’re in need of a linebacker and Temple has their guy.
  10. Buffalo Bills: Mike Williams WR, Clemson University
    • The Bills believe that they have their franchise quarterback in Tyrod Taylor, with that being said he doesn’t really have anyone to throw to besides Sammy Watkins. Buffalo needs another presence on the outside to give defenses a fit on the offensive side of the ball, so why not have two Clemson University alums to throw to in Watkins and (Mike) Williams.
  11. New Orleans Saints: Jamal Adams S, Louisiana State University 
    • Same reason as stated many times, they need a safety, their offense is pretty strong. At 11th overall Jamal with one “a” seems like a good fit.
  12. Cleveland Browns: Deshaun Watson QB, Clemson University
    • At a cozy draft spot of 12 with little quarterbacks worth drafting its the perfect time to do just that. By no means is he worth taking at number one, but with nobody else before 12 really needing him it is safe to say they will try and fill the never ending vacuum that is their quarterback roster spot.
  13. Arizona Cardinals: Reuben Foster LB, University of Alabama
    • They need a Linebacker, anyone else worth taking to help their other positions of need is gone. Arizona is in a tough spot and Foster is the one to get them moving.
  14. Philadelphia Eagles: Christian McCaffrey RB, University of Stanford
    • Philadelphia.  Hard nose, gritty, blue collar.  Those traits can also define Christian McCaffrey who is the prototypical all purpose running back.  Many feel he is the perfect fit for the city of Philadelphia although Eagles fans will say they do not want a running back in the first round.  Although Philadelphia has bigger needs on defense, they probably will not select a defensive player unless they trade down.  General Manager Howie Roseman really wants his pick of Carson Wentz last year to look good, and what better way to do it than by giving him a star running back (McCaffrey) and a star receiver (Alshon Jeffery) in one offseason.
  15. Indianapolis Colts: Malik McDowell DT, Michigan State University
    • As of right now the Colts are glorified one man band, and that man is Andrew Luck.  They need help on the offensive line, at receiver, at running back, and especially on the defensive side of the ball.  In order for the Colts to have a successful draft they need this pick to be a hit, so their best strategy should be to take the best player on the board.  The Michigan State product is is a guy who can give the Colts not only a good run stuffer but a solid pass rush up the middle as well.
  16. Baltimore Ravens: Corey Davis WR, Western Michigan University
    • Following the retirement of likely Hall of Famer Steve Smith, the Ravens will be in search of a solid replacement to put across from Mike Wallace.  Davis is the type of player who is not a possession receiver like Mike Williams, but is not a speed driven player like John Ross.  Coming out of a small school he is the perfect guy to develop into a number one receiver. Western Michigan is also where Antonio Brown went to school so the program has a proven track record at the position.  Expect the relationship between Wallace and Davis to be alike with the one of Roddy White and Julio Jones several years ago with the Falcons,
  17. Washington Redskins: Jabrill Peppers S, University of Michigan
    • After pulling $75 million out of their rear end for a cornerback who reveals who he’s covering before the game, there is no doubt they’ll want Peppers to further spice up their defense.
  18. Tennessee Titans: O.J. Howard TE, University of Alabama
    • O.J. Howard is receiving praise as a once in a decade tight end prospect who can do it all.  A team such as the Tennessee Titans (who have many needs) could use a guy who can help Marcus Mariota mature into a better NFL quarterback while providing solid blocking for running back Demarco Murray on run plays.
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Caleb Brantley DT, University of Florida
    • Barring a healthy return of Doug Martin, the Bucs are primed to have one of the most deadly offenses in the National Football League featuring Jameis Winston, Desean Jackson, and Mike Evans.  They already drafted Vernon Hargreaves last year to help their secondary, so a player like Brantley can be a nice piece to compliment arguably the best defensive tackles in the game, Gerald McCoy.
  20. Denver Broncos: Ryan Ramczyk OT, University of Wisconsin
    • After two years of having a mediocre offensive line the Broncos finally have a chance to help young quarterbacks Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch further their development.  Denver’s poor offensive line played a large part in the rapid decline of Peyton Manning two years ago.  If a great like Manning could not play behind that line, there is no chance an inexperienced player like Lynch could play behind there.
  21. Detroit Lions: John Ross WR, University of Washington
    • Setting the NFL’s fastest 40 yard dash time record at 4.22 seconds at the NFL Scouting Combine earlier this year, Ross can burn cornerbacks left and right having quarterback’s throwing it deep to him. Detroit is still trying to find a solid wide receiver after the abrupt retirement of future Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson. With a solid quarterback already in Matthew Stafford, Detroit can add another weapon to Stafford’s arsenal with Ross alongside Golden Tate.
  22. Miami Dolphins: Forrest Lamp G, Western Kentucky University
    • After taking Laremy “Gas Mask” Tunsil in last years draft it would only be right to further protect THE Ryan Tannehill with a solid offensive guard, and shade some light on the Dolphins offensive line.
  23. New York Giants: Cam Robinson OT, University of Alabama
    • Every QB needs to be protected, including the only one to beat Tom Brady in the super bowl.
  24. Oakland Raiders: Derek Barnett DE, University of Tennessee
    • Las Vegas or Oakland Raiders? No one knows, whichever ones they are the Raiders need to bolster their defensive line to try and get over the hump and become Super Bowl contenders.
  25. Houston Texans: Patrick Mahomes ll QB, Texas Tech University 
    • The Texans traded away their 2016 free agent prize in quarterback Brock Osweiler who did not live up to the hype as the Texans would’ve liked him to, which leaves Houston with a crucial space in the offense, and with the top 2 quarterbacks already taken off the board why not go for the Texas Tech slinger in Mahomes ll.
  26. Seattle Seahawks: Takkarist McKinley DE, University of California Los Angeles
    • With the impending breakup of the Legion of Boom, the Seahawks have too many holes for a team that looked indestructible during the 2014 season.  They also need help on the offensive side of the ball with quarterback Russell Wilson and Tight End Jimmy Graham being the only prominent players.  However if ANY of  Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, or Earl Thomas leave soon the Seahawks need another defensive player to keep their unit one of the best in the league.
  27. Kansas City Chiefs: Marlon Humphrey CB, University of Alabama
    • Andy Reid always loves to take the best player on the board, so if Alabama corner Marlon Humphrey slips all the way to pick 27 the public should expect Andy Reid to burst out from behind the Rocky Statue shouting “oh yeah!”.
  28. Dallas Cowboys: Tim Williams DE, University of Alabama
    • With names like Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott they need some more bland sounding players. Why not fill that DE spot too? Tim Williams is just the guy to put the cow back in Cowboys
  29. Green Bay Packers: Dalvin Cook RB, Florida State University
    • An overweight Eddie Lacy will not cut it for the Packers anymore as they try to get back to the Super Bowl. Dalvin Cook was a college sensation at running back and would be a perfect fit in Green Bay, Cook is going to have to get used to that cold weather after playing in Florida for college. Let’s hope he can jump because he will be leaping in Lambeau a lot this year.
  30. Pittsburgh Steelers: Zach Cunningham LB, Vanderbilt University
    • Pittsburgh is one of the most well balanced teams in the NFL, so they will be looking to take the best player available.  Zach Cunningham will help bolster the defense and be a solid replacement for Jarvis Jones.  They will look to maintain their status as super bowl contenders and try to take down the New England Patriots.
  31. Atlanta Falcons: Garett Bolles OT, University of Utah
    • 28+3=31. Funny how that works. Let’s hope they don’t blow this opportunity too.
  32. New Orleans Saints: Sidney Jones CB, University of Washington
    • After already making a pick to strengthen their secondary with Jamal Adams, the Saints will continue to help their biggest weakness by taking a high flyer on Sidney Jones.  With less than a week before the draft rumors are swirling the Saints want to acquire Malcolm Butler from the Patriots, however if that does not come to fruition look for the Saints to pick Jones in hopes of jump-starting a rebuild in 2018 (since Jones is out for the year with an Achilles injury) with a secondary featuring Adams at safety and Jones as the number 1 corner.  Jones likely would have been a top 15 pick if not for his injury, but the Saints are one of the few teams who can afford to still use a first round pick on him, much like the Cowboys selected Jaylon Smith in the beginning of the second round

      The 2017 NFL Draft will be held in Philadelphia on May 27-29

      last year.